Rorie Orgeron, CEO

For 33 years, The Kitchen, Inc. has provided assistance to our homeless friends and neighbors. Since Sister Lorraine Biebel opened our doors in 1983, much has changed organizationally. We started out as a soup kitchen and then expanded into what we are today. Currently, we operate seven housing programs. Each is structured differently with the equivalent objective of preventing and ending homelessness and providing life’s basic necessities.

In our continued and structured approach, we continually strive to make a difference in lives each and every day. The stories of success professed by many of our clients make the efforts of our donors, volunteers and employees well worth the effort. As we continue to spread hope, encouragement and support to our hundreds of friends in desperate need, we sincerely hope you will continue your involvement for years to come. Each donor and volunteer provides an unprecedented amount of support that simply cannot go unnoticed. From the child who saves his every penny in his piggy bank to the volunteer who serves meals, every ounce of time and effort is truly treasured. 2015 was one to remember and we look forward to seeing what 2016 holds for this organization and for you. We are honored and humbled that you are a part of our lives. Thank you for all you do!

Rorie Orgeron
Chief Executive Officer, The Kitchen, Inc.