Springfield Sleepout 2016

What Should You Bring to the Event? Positive attitude and warm gear! See our gear checklist for our recommendations

Will We Freeze? This event is cold, but we want you to be safe. If the temperature/wind chill forecast is predicted to be especially cold, please use your discretion in cancelling.

Recommended Gear:

  • Sleeping Bag (rated for 30 degrees or below) †
  • Hat †
  • Scarf/Winter face mask †
  • Mittens or gloves †
  • Base Layer Bottom and Top (long underwear) †
  • Warm layers (preferably not cotton) †
  • Warm socks (extra pair of dry socks – just in case) †
  • Winter boots †
  • Flashlight/headlamp †
  • Thermarest pad or small tarp/garbage bag for ground cover
  • Optional: Hand/Toe Warmers † Extra blanket † Thermos/water bottle † † Journal or notebook and pen/pencil to document experience † Camera to capture the experience in photos

How Can You Raise Awareness?

  • Publicize your efforts using an event poster, via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…), e-mail, or any way you can! †
  • Send or post one or two reminders to donate as the event gets closer.
  • Sleep Out! Make sure you have all the necessary gear you need. See our Gear Checklist for a complete list of suggestions. † Clean up the area you sleep in and try to be sure everyone goes home with their own belongings. †
  • Share your experience with us! Tell us about how your Sleep Out went, share photos and reflections on the night
  • Most importantly, thank everyone who gives and tell them they are helping teens and young adults right here in Springfield turn their lives around!
  • All donations are tax-deductible.