Volunteering at The Kitchen, Inc.

The Volunteer Office of The Kitchen, Inc is actively seeking volunteers. Volunteer skills can be utilized in a variety of ways to help the homeless and poor of Southwest Missouri. Without the help of volunteers, The Kitchen could not accomplish all that is required to provide the services that we offer. Volunteers are truly appreciated and greatly needed.

Who Volunteers?

Individuals volunteer for many reasons including:

  • for a college or high school class requirement
  • for scout badges
  • to 'give back'
  • for service requirements
  • in memory of a loved one

Groups that volunteer include:

  • Families
  • Clubs of many kinds
  • Teams of many kinds
  • Churches of all denominations
  • Youth Groups, religious and non-religious
  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Teachers and their students
  • Business owners/managers and their employees


  • While you are on The Kitchen campus it is important to follow our mission which is "To create a place where persons, especially the poor, are welcomed and cared for with dignity and compassion."
  • Please remember that The Kitchen is depending on you to fulfill the commitment that you have made. If you cannot fulfill it, please call and let us know so that we can find someone to fill in for you.
  • Honor our policy to respect our clients’ right to choose their own path to spirituality, religion and political point of view. Please do not proselytize, attempt to convert or impose personal ideas onto our clients.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing. Tank tops, short shorts, flip flops, and clothing with alcohol or drug references are prohibited.
  • Confidentiality and professional boundaries must be exercised.

Getting Started

Call the Volunteer Office at 417-225-7404 or send an email to: