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New Record: Schools Identify 850 Homeless

Springfield News Leader A year ago, when Ashley Harris tucked her three sons in the night before school started, they were in their own beds. The family was buying a home in Branson. They had a car. The boys had three dogs and a yard to play in. Both Ashley and her husband, Dustin, had decent-paying jobs. He was a cook and she cleaned rooms at a large hotel near Branson Landing, where the tips were often plentiful. Life is so different now.
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Beacon Village Offers Permanent, Affordable Housing For Families

KOLR 10 News Many individuals and families in the Springfield area now have a permanent place to call home. On Wednesday, The Kitchen celebrated the opening of Beacon Village-- a 44-unit housing development that offers affordable permanent housing to individuals. It's part of an affordable housing initiative to help those of our community who need support the most. For Janice Kay Watts, having a home means more than a roof over her head.
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