Rare Breed Youth Housing

02HOMELESS1-blog480The Kitchen, Inc.’s Rare Breed Youth Housing works alongside our Outreach Center to provide two housing programs for homeless youth ages 17-24. The goals of our Rapid Re-Housing and Permanent Housing programs are to help our youth make successful transitions to independent, self-sufficient living and end their cycle of homelessness. Rare Breed Youth Housing serves single males, females, couples, LGBTQ youth, pregnant and parenting youth.

All youth living in housing are provided with a case manager to support them in learning new skills, accessing services, making healthy choices and learning to be independent. A case manager will help youth succeed in all aspects of the program by helping them set and reach client driven goals centered on housing stability. As each youth is different and comes from different circumstances Rare Breed Youth Housing offers intensive, individualized, plans for each youth in housing.

Case managers with Rare Breed Youth Housing are required to have their bachelor’s degree and have experience working with the at-risk youth population. Rare Breed Youth Housing follows researched best practices and works holistically with our clients to provide dignified and caring services that focus on Positive Youth Development, Trauma Informed Care and Harm Reduction Techniques. Our case managers work hand in hand with Outreach staff to identify our most venerable youth and start them on the path towards ending homelessness.

Rapid Re-Housing services can last for up to 18 months and helps youth find housing, pay for housing and STAY in housing. Youth explore education, employment and financial education so they are capable of living without assistance by the time they graduate our program. Funding for this program is provided through HUD and can house up to 11 youth at a time and will begin in Fall 2016.

Permanent Housing services are meant for youth that have a diagnosable disability and are in need of long term housing. Disabilities can range from a substance abuse disorder, mental health diagnosis or developmental delay. We help these youth become stable through access to community services and explore what living independently looks like for this youth through intensive case management. Funding for this program is provided through local grants and private donation. We currently can house up to 23 youth at a time, depending on availability.

The Kitchen, Inc. has helped house homeless and at-risk youth since 2003 and since then Rare Breed Youth Housing has served over 1000 youth. Our youth are faced with many trials as they try to become independent. Our youth have never had a job, have no lease history, need to finish their education, left the foster care system, came from generational poverty and just need a caring adult to help them navigate what life is like on their own.

If you know a youth who may qualify for our housing services please have them contact The Rare Breed Youth Outreach Center at 417-865-6400 to set up an assessment.