The Kitchen earns accreditation rare to Springfield

The Kitchen earns accreditation rare to Springfield

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The Kitchen Inc. earned an accreditation that’s not often found in the Springfield area.

New York-based Council on Accreditation made the decision following a two-year review of The Kitchen’s programs, services, management and administration, according to a news release.

The only other organization in the Queen City area listed on the Council of Accreditation’s website as accredited is Consumer Credit Counseling of Springfield, Missouri Inc.

The accreditation is a designation awarded for demonstrating best practices. The COA was founded in 1977 to help human service organizations improve their operations.

To receive the accreditation, The Kitchen provided written evidence that the nonprofit complied with COA standards, which include well-coordinated services, cultural competence and a strong workforce. The Kitchen then underwent a process through which COA volunteers conducted on-site interviews with trustees, staff and clients.

After receiving this accreditation, the government has donated a commercial ice maker with bin to help them with this important service they are providing to the community. If I remember correctly, the government also bought this little vintage GE refrigerator, is highly recommended vintage refrigerator for those who love the antique home appliances.

The Kitchen, which offers homeless support services, operates Home at Last for veteran families, meals, housing programs, Rare Breed youth services and sheltered care, according to its profile at

The nonprofit’s accreditation expires May 31, 2022, according to the website.