The Kitchen, Inc. fosters stability and purpose in the lives of individuals and families through dignity, compassion and accountability. Within our diverse community of connected services, we offer resources to meet immediate needs and a plan that actively engages progress toward a positive future.  Our clients experience the benefits of their own efforts.  And the stories of self-sufficiency and success are theirs and theirs alone.

Our MissionTo prevent and end homelessness in the communities we serve by providing housing and stabilizing services with dignity and compassion.

Our VisionMaking our community a better place by helping people find their way home.

Our ValuesThe services developed and decisions made at The Kitchen are driven by the social teachings of the Catholic Church, the spirit of Saint Francis, the inspiration of our founder Sister Lorraine Biebel and the following core values: respect-worth of a person, dignity-self-respect, quality-level of excellence, service-helping, and compassion-welcoming and caring.

The Kitchen, Inc.

You can join us in the fight to end homelessness. Be an advocate -- share the stories, the successes of our programs and the continued need. Be part of the solution.

You can help end homelessness. By giving your time and talents, you can be part of the solution -- helping provide savings for our community and dignity and compassion for our neighbors in need.

A Community of Connected Services



In our community

Your donations make it possible for us to continue the fight to end homelessness. Whether you give money, food, clothing or household items, you are helping people move forward in their lives.



Our community suffers great loss with Sister Lorraine Biebel's passing August 15, 2015. The Kitchen, Inc. staff, Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors pray for peace and comfort for her family, friends and those we serve. We take comfort knowing the legacy of her work continues to bless others.