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You may not know it, but often, reaching out for help is the most difficult, but also the most responsible, decision a person can make. If getting a little bit of help now means staying in your own home because you didn’t have to spend your rent money on medicine, or you didn’t have to use your grocery budget on shoes without holes so your kid could walk to school, then we at The Kitchen, Inc. believe you have done a good thing—for yourself, your family and our community. 

  • 320 adults and 211 children received shelter at The Kitchen’s Missouri Hotel, a total of 531. Over 82,346 meals were served in the kitchen facilities.

  • ​In three months, Home at Last - Supportive Services for Veteran Families helped 31 veteran and veteran family members who were homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless if not for the assistance, such as rent, utilities and support services.

  • ​Housing First is permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals. In four months, 6 single females were housed in the community.

  • Rare Breed Youth Outreach Center served a daily average of 65 at-risk and homeless youth, providing counseling and support services, with a more than 3,732 youth served in 2013.

  • ​The Kitchen Medical Clinic provided comprehensive care for 1,242 uninsured patients for a total of 5,999 patient visits and 28,847 prescriptions filled. There were 726 mental health visits and 224 patients received dental care.

Your donations make it possible for us to continue the fight to end homelessness. Whether you give money, food, clothing or household items, you are helping people move forward in their lives.

You can help end homelessness. By giving your time and talents, you can be part of the solution -- helping provide savings for our community and dignity and compassion for our neighbors in need.

Ending Homelessness 

The Kitchen, Inc.

Core values

Respect           Support

Dignity            Compassion


The Vision

Making our community a better place by helping people find their way home.

The mission

To prevent and end homelessness in the communities we serve by providing housing and stabilizing services with dignity and compassion.


2013 Key Statistics