Sister Lorraine Biebel, Founder, The Kitchen, Inc.

On March 27, 1983, The Kitchen’s founder, Sister Lorraine Biebel, took $50 and turned it into meals for the homeless and hungry people in our community. The Kitchen has continued to grow from that day—through the vision and dedication of Sister Lorraine and the many blessings the organization has received. We started as a place to feed the poor in 1983 and are now one of the region’s largest providers of social services for individuals, children, youth, families and veterans in need.

Our community suffered great loss with Sister Lorraine Biebel’s passing August 15, 2015. The Kitchen, Inc. staff, Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors take comfort knowing the legacy of her work continues to bless others.

Our Mission

We bring stability and purpose to people who are homeless.

Our Vision

A community without homelessness.

Our Values

The services developed and decisions made at The Kitchen, Inc. are driven by faith-based and humanitarian beliefs, the spirit of St. Francis, the inspiration of our founder Sister Lorraine Biebel, and the following core values:

  • Respect (worth of a person)                      
  • Dignity (self-respect)
  • Quality (level of excellence)                       
  • Service (helping)
  • Compassion (welcoming and caring)