Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Volunteers are essential for us to achieve our mission to bring stability and purpose to people who are homeless. Whether you are looking to volunteer once or become a regular, we need your help!

Looking to volunteer with a group or on the weekend? Contact Ellen at (417) 225-7415 or eherbig@thekitcheninc.org.

The Sam F. and June S. Hamra Family Support Services building houses case managers, administration, the support nurse, and the Donation Center.

Front Desk Assistant

  • greet and assist visitors
  • answer phones and direct calls
  • sort mail and other clerical duties
  • clean and sanitize the front desk
  • other tasks assigned by Support Services staff

The Rare Breed Youth Outreach Center provides services to youth ages 13-24 years old. There are several volunteer positions available:

Dinner Groups

Each weekday, the Rare Breed Youth Outreach Center offers a meal for youth at 4 PM. Volunteers are needed to prepare and drop off 40 “brown bag” or “to-go” style meals. Contact Ellen at (417) 225-7415 or eherbig@thekitcheninc.org to sign up.

Floor Assistant

  • unload and sort donations
  • clean and sanitize common spaces
  • restock and organize supplies for youth
  • other tasks assigned by Rare Breed staff

Front Desk Assistant

  • answer phones and check mail
  • greet donors and assist with unloading donations
  • clean and sanitize front desk area
  • other tasks assigned by Rare Breed staff

Below are a few proposed internships. If you are looking for an internship that is not listed, please contact us. We may be able to create one to meet your course needs.

In addition to completing the Volunteer Application, please include a cover letter or resume that highlight your experience or education applicable to the position.  Human Resources will review and forward materials to the appropriate Director or Coordinator to identify candidates to interview.  Anyone selected as an intern will need to obtain their background check through the Family Care Safety Registry.  www.health.gov/safety/fcsr

Volunteer Application

We require a background check through the Family Care Safety Registry for volunteers and interns. You can go to www.health.mo.gov/safety/fcsr or call toll free, 866-422-6872 to see if you are already registered.  You will need to obtain a letter from them stating there were no findings.  If you are not registered there is a minimal fee to become registered.

If for some reason you appear in one of their databases you will need to contact the Registry and request the specific information on the findings to be sent to you.  Once you receive the information, you will need to contact the Community Development Coordinator at 417-225-7415 to schedule a time to bring the findings in for review.

Once the application and background has been received and approved, you will be contacted regarding orientation. Orientation will be a combination of reviewing on-line resources and attending an orientation onsite.