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Jake’s Story: The Impact Rare Breed Makes

Jake’s Story: The Impact Rare Breed Makes

Jake has been a participant at Rare Breed for a while and every day that he goes, he gets to walk in and feel like family. Jake sees the mission of our organization come to life every time he goes to Rare Breed through the staff there

Jake and his wife may have faced challenges including the loss of their child. But Jake now finds himself drug-free and healthy. He is two goals away from success. He and his wife have both been approved for the Fostering Youth to Independence (FYI) housing voucher and are on the road to finding a house for themselves and their children to call home.

Jake credits his success and his family’s stability not only to himself and his wife’s efforts but to the effort and dedication of Rare Breed Staff and Volunteers as well as supporters of The Kitchen, Inc.

As young parents, some resources that have been offered to them by Rare Breed include support from a case manager, resources to get support from the FYI housing vouchers, fellowship with other youth, and other day-to-day needs that come up for young families such as diapers, clothes, food, and so much more.

Jake finds that the Staff and Volunteers at Rare Breed always show up for the youth they serve by putting on a smile for their participants no matter what is happening in their private lives. He credits the support he has found at Rare Breed as being a huge contributor to him making better choices to put him on the road to success that he is on now.

The name in this story has been changed out of compassion for the participant.

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