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2016 Christmas Challenge Issued

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Dear Friends,

The Season of Giving is upon us. Thanksgiving has given way to Christmas. But for many in our community, there was no turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie. There are no leftovers and the holiday season only means colder weather is here and survival is that much harder.

For the last several years, Grandma Ruth spent the holiday season shivering on the sidewalk hoping for her own Christmas miracle. The warm memories of holiday meals spent around the family dinner table and watching her grandchildren open presents were the only thing keeping her warm on those bitter winter nights. But, this year promises to be different. This year, Grandma Ruth now has a place to call home thanks to the services of The Kitchen, Inc. This year, Grandma Ruth is warm, healthy and happy hanging stockings by the fire, placing gifts under the tree and baking Christmas cookies.

Grandma Ruth is just one of the many success stories The Kitchen, Inc. has to share, but there are still so many that aren’t as fortunate. As you celebrate the holidays with your family, will you remember the children spending Christmas in the family car or the veteran ringing in the New Year outside, cold and alone?

With your help, we will end homelessness in our community. It takes, on average, $25 a day to provide stable housing and services to an individual. Every day, The Kitchen, Inc. helps our friends and neighbors find places to call home. We’re giving families a chance to put presents under a Christmas tree. We’re giving veterans a place to welcome 2017 without worrying what the New Year may bring.

We’re issuing a challenge this Christmas to all of our community friends. From now until December 31st, we’re asking you to help us raise $100,000. We’ll admit it’s a lofty goal. But we believe through your generous spirit, we’ll be able to continue providing housing to families, youth, children, veterans and individuals. We’re asking you to take a stand with us against poverty and homelessness by sending in your tax-deductible donation today.

Merry Christmas and God Bless,

Rorie Orgeron,


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