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$40,000 Christmas Challenge

$40,000 Christmas Challenge

The holidays have always been a time to look back on the memories we’ve made and count the many blessings we received throughout the year. We know that for many of you, this year has been hard. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways. It has been especially hard for folks who are homeless or living in poverty. In response, The Kitchen, Inc. adapted so that we could continue to safely serve those in need. Through shelter-in-place orders and social distancing measures, The Kitchen, Inc. stayed open, providing vital services to families, individuals, youth, seniors, and Veterans. Since January, we have provided services to over 635 individuals, including over 200 children.

One family housed with The Kitchen, Inc. is a Navy Veteran and her two daughters, ages seven and four. In January, her rent check bounced, and shortly after she was laid off in the early days of the pandemic. She and her daughters were forced to shelter in a small hotel room for several weeks. With the help of The Kitchen, Inc.’s Home At Last program, the family moved into a new apartment they now call home.

“Getting a place where the girls have their own rooms and neighbors their age to play with has been great.”

“Getting a place where the girls have their own rooms and neighbors their age to play with has been great,” says their mother. The girls have been attending school two days a week and learning at home the other three with the help of their mother. And while they have experienced many challenges with the pandemic, moving into stable housing has brought them a sense of security and normalcy they otherwise would not have.

To help us house more families, anonymous donors have issued a $40,000 challenge to the community. Donations made December 1 through December 31 this year will be matched up to $40,000! 

Housing is the key to ending homelessness, and your gift can open the door to housing for more families in need. On behalf of The Kitchen, Inc. staff, thank you for your consideration of a financial contribution and your continued support. We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year!

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