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Meet Patty, a Resident of Beacon Village

Meet Patty, a Resident of Beacon Village

Homeless, Not Hopeless

Patty was homeless, struggling with alcoholism and living on the streets when she was referred to The Kitchen, Inc.’s Community Housing program. Through The Kitchen, Inc., Patty was able to sign a lease for an apartment at Beacon Village, one of The Kitchen, Inc.’s affordable housing properties.

Working Towards Sobriety

Once housed, Patty began working on the barriers that led to her homelessness. Alcoholism was a huge barrier to living a healthy, stable life. Her case manager, Nancy Galetti, connected Patty to MSU Care and Burrell Behavioral Health. Part of Patty’s treatment includes injections once a month that make her ill if she drinks. She struggled with the medication at first, but eventually overcame it. She looks forward to completing the treatment soon. Through a referral from Burrell, Patty enrolled in a Substance Awareness Traffic Offender Program (SATOP). Patty completed SATOP in 2019 and has the certificate proudly displayed in her living room.

Graduating the Program

After a two-year wait, Patty has received a housing choice voucher through the Springfield Housing Authority and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). With this voucher and the progress she has made towards long-term stability, Patty will be able to exit The Kitchen, Inc.’s Community Housing program.

Patty’s success has everything to do with making the most of her time in the program to overcome serious obstacles with the help of her case manager, community resources, and her unrelenting effort to make real, positive change in her life.

Patty’s stable housing is the most important thing in her life. When she received a large sum of money in back pay, she used a small amount to purchase a few needed household and personal items and set the rest aside for the next six month’s rent. Learning to budget her money and pay for housing before other obligations has resulted in Patty’s perfect rental history at Beacon Village.

Making a House a Home

Patty and Nancy Galetti

Patty has been stably housed for five years. She likes Beacon Village and plans to stay there for the rest of her life. Community relationships are important to Patty. She is active in the community garden, participates in crafts and social activities at the community center, invites neighbors to her home for meals, and is always ready to lend a helping hand to neighbors in need.With renewed self-esteem and confidence, Patty says, “If you put your mind to it, you can do it.”

How to Help

Want to help end homelessness for our neighbors in need?


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