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Donating Food

When it comes to donating the best food to feed homeless people, this can be a confusing process. Once you consider the conditions in which homeless people live, there are things that should be taken into account. In today’s blog, you will learn about different things to consider when donating food.


Homeless people on the streets have very little access to water.  It is very important that people stay hydrated, especially in the warm summer months. With this being said, try to avoid donating diuretics such as energy drinks, pop, coffee, and alcohol.

Pop Top Cans

All can donations are appreciated but pop top cans are more efficient. Many homeless people don’t have a can opener or the proper tools to open a can. By donating pop top cans, it provides easier access to open, while on the streets.


Donating protein is always a smart choice. Foods like peanut butter, canned chicken, nuts, canned stews, beef jerky, and vienna sausages are excellent protein choices. Protein not only holds the hunger over but is also a healthier option compared to sugars and starches.

Donating can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be. While the hunger problem is huge, The Kitchen, Inc. is more hopeful than ever, and food donations will help get us there.  Help provide nutrition that our community needs to thrive. For more information on donating food, visit The Kitchen, Inc.

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