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Housing is the Key

When Mercedez came into the Rapid Rehousing Families program through The Kitchen, Inc., she was fighting a meth addiction. After almost a year with the addiction, while still in the program, she had her children removed from her home and became involved in rehab and drug court.

For Mercedez, that was the incentive and support she needed to get completely off of drugs.  She began working the program designed for her through the Division of Family Services and the court system to get her children back in the home. Also, during that time Mercedez got a part time job, and started school at OTC.

By the end of her program, Mercedez was making enough money to pay her own rent without any assistance, while gaining custody of her kids again. Mercedez has since developed huge dreams to work in the same field as a social worker. She has been drug free for more than one year now, and her future appears bright and promising. Thank you for helping Mercedez become successful and a contributing member of society.

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