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Sheila’s Story – Finding Hope in The Kitchen’s Homeless Shelter

Sheila’s Story – Finding Hope in The Kitchen’s Homeless Shelter

Sheila is a mother and wife in her mid-fifties. She has extensive health issues that put her in the hospital frequently including congestive heart failure, COPD, kidney disease, severe bipolar disorder, and PTSD. When Sheila’s husband went to prison in summer 2021, she became the sole provider for their daughter (11) and son (10).

Sheila struggled to balance her health, her housing, and taking care of her children. The family was evicted from their home in March. Fortunately, Sheila’s children have been able to stay with their grandfather. Sheila found shelter at Safe to Sleep, a local homeless shelter for homeless women.

In April, Sheila was transported to Kansas City for emergency surgery. After being discharged from the hospital, she entered the Women’s Medical Respite, located inside The Kitchen’s Emergency Shelter. Women’s Medical Respite provides 24/7 care to homeless women who need medical care after being discharged from the hospital.

In June, Sheila left respite care and entered The Kitchen’s Emergency Shelter, now healthy enough to begin working towards self-sufficiency. With connections to transportation, groceries, and other basic needs, Sheila can stabilize her health and keep up with medical appointments.

“The shelter saved my life. I probably wouldn’t be here without it,” says Sheila.

Take a Look Inside The Kitchen’s Emergency Shelter. 

Sheila has started searching for permanent housing. She’s looking forward to reuniting with her children in a new home. She’s also started classes at OTC to become a paralegal. She hopes to use her education to help her husband’s case.

Sheila’s story is just one of hundreds of individuals and families who have found stability and purpose through The Kitchen’s services. Your support makes shelter, housing, and support services possible for our neighbors in need.

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